BASIC Controller

Basic Controller

Controls Overview

Speed Knob
Left Button
Right Button
Status Light
- Red Light means you are in momentary mode.
- Amber Light means your are in continuous mode.
- Green Light means the motor is running or pulsing.

Controller Setup

Plug the Y connector into your motor, using either of the two plugs. Plug the Controller into the single port on the other side of the Y connector. Plug the power into the controller.

Controller Modes

To change to Continuous Mode while in Monetary mode, turn the speed dial all the way to the left and press both direction buttons, the light will turn amber. To change back to Continuous mode, press both direction buttons and the light will turn back to red.

Momentary Mode

Momentary mode means that the pressing and holding the Left or Right button will cause the carriage to move left or right. The Speed Knob controls this speed on a linear scale from full left (slowest) to full right (fastest).

Momentary mode is useful for doing moving shots in real time.

Continuous Mode

Continuous modes means that pressing a direction arrow will cause the carriage to move without needing to hold down the direction button. The Speed Knob controls the speed in two methods. Full left to half way causes the motor to move in pulses, from very slow pulses to very fast pulses. The Status Light will blink green for each motor pulse. Half way to full right changes speed on a linear scale from slow to fast.

Continuous mode can be used to do simple moving time lapses, when using the pulse speed.

Optional Accessories

  • elektraDRIVE 12v DC Power Adapter to power ORACLE Controller with a DC power source.
  • elektraDRIVE 12v Battery to power ORACLE Controller, REVOLUTION, & elektraDRIVE motors. Requires ORACLE 12v DC Adapter
  • 12v Y Adapter To plug two 12v DC power adapters into a single battery.
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